I've been a bit of a DICK, lately...

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I've been a bit of a DICK, lately...

Postby GeneralLeePizdov » Sun Jul 08, 2012 2:31 am

I've been having problems with my computer and since I use it primarily to play DoDs, (I know, "what a loser"), I thought the problems were coming from the game, one way, or another.
I think I have found the glitch in the machine and I will try to be less of a dick. :liar:
OK, so, I will still be a DICK, but, less of a whiner.. :clap:
I just get so wound up in the game play, that I don't always think before I hit the 'voice' key, so I moved the voice key. I would like to be as good as all of you are, so I could delegate 2/3's of my brain to finding fun things to yak about, but, I started late in the gaming world and I use 90% of my attention, trying to survive!
I still let my competitive streak run AMOK with my attitude. :lol:
So, if you are seriously pissed with me for something I said, I suggest you get over it! :violin:
I will continue to play here and support the server as much as I can, until somebody decides to ban me!!! :lol:
Thanks For having ME!! :dance:

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