Hope you're all ready for the "Summer Hack-A-Thon""

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Hope you're all ready for the "Summer Hack-A-Thon""

Postby GeneralLeePizdov » Wed Jul 11, 2012 11:42 pm

:D Better get yer Admin keys tuned up!! It's SUMMER!! The kid's are outta school, and DoDs is only $9.99!! What better way to spend a summer , than driving the Admin's CrAzY trying to catch all the little *I can't play, so, I will go find some hacks* Munchkins out there!! :mrgreen:
I know all the regs will be losing their minds , trying to figure out how that guy shot them thru the wall, shot them while looking in the other direction, and other FUN stuff!!! :lol:
I could be wrong......but I'm NOT!!! :dance:
Good Luck Admins!!! My respect to you for the tough months ahead!! :dance:

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