Microphones and Steam?

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Microphones and Steam?

Postby Mr. Mosin » Sat Mar 17, 2018 4:18 pm

I am having this wicked problem I have been having for years. I have a Creative Audigy External Media box. (It supports phone in, and a whole host of connections for audio, and I use it for making mixes). But, I cant keep it as being " seen" in game. Same problems I've had for years, and now. What happens is every time the map changes, steam, doesn't see the mic. What happens? I even have the drivers for Win 764bit update, and its solid with in Windows... but, steam does not like my gear. It got serious, when creative, told me, it should not do that. As steam, works with whatever I got. Steam is really forgiving. Well, right now, Creative, is trying to research it. NOW... I run the whole steam engine off another drive D:\ I am forever just formatting windows, and I have 6 HDs. C: D:\ E:\ (my vpc drive) F:\ my Audio Studio Drive. G:\ my studio compile and render drive. H:\ my 6TB Audio Archive. Could it be, maybe since Im not running steam from C:\ its breaking the link? I am not to savvy on the steam from a program view. But, once upon a time ago, I was a MCP for windows XP. and MVP for 2000 Server. But, what the hell am I missing over the last 6 years?!?! I know its the creative, I've had 6 new MOBO's, 4 OSES. Linux, XP PRO, WIN Vista, WIN 7 Ult 64. Now, why dont I use the on board mic? Because I cant adjust the vol, with the turn of a switch. :crying-pink: BUT.... I am working on somethings. Any insights would be nice... I am at a major loss, and I want to annoy people with my voice, really badly. :banana-tux: :crying-pink:
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