Source Skins, Textures and Weapon Mods

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Source Skins, Textures and Weapon Mods

Postby CanisFamiliaris » Sun Mar 03, 2013 9:07 pm

So I got tired of the same old look a couple years ago, and I changed the Allied team skins to the 101st Airborne ones. Well I thought about it again today and grabbed a few more mods that were out there.

Obviously the game is old, so there hasn't been any fresh content, most of the "HD" mods are probably the best you will get. I did not do any map mods as I wanted to keep rendering of maps fast.

I downloaded mods for all the weapons, crates, barrels, hedgehogs, tiger tank, axis and flags (already had allied skins). You can get them here:

Here is a short video showing the skins in game. Suggest watching on YouTube @ 720p.

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