Retake 1944 [add]

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Retake 1944 [add]

Post by Lazyeye87 »

Any way we could add this pretty good old map that the server use to have on the list back in the day. Pretty well balanced from what I remember and not too big. Just a simple square map. Thx

---Lazyeye eric---
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The Jesus
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Re: Retake 1944 [add]

Post by The Jesus »

Yes, we need this back on.
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Johnny Tapia
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Re: Retake 1944 [add]

Post by Johnny Tapia »

This one isn't already on the server? It looks very familiar.
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Re: Retake 1944 [add]

Post by bmh »

1944 is a bust thanks to the SteamPipe update a few years back but 1945 is working. It might be on one of the map menus but not in rotation. I'll look into it. I have other maps to add that were sent to me by Jesus that I'm checking out as well.
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