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Application PARANO1D

Post by PARANO1D »

Player name: PARANO1D

Age: :angry-nono:

Sex: Yes please

What time of the day do you normally play? (Be specific if possible, including timezones):
Whenever I can but mostly evenings, eastern time.

Are you in any other clans?: No

How long have you been playing in our server?:
Forever, been playing DOD since day one...
17 Years experience and probably one of the oldest active steam id's in the game...

Never been banned from any server, Ever.

(Accept one time around 10 years ago when bmh banned the whole server for 5 mins to settle things down, lol).

Do you have a reserved slot or fall into an exception category?:
Ha, you said slot

Do you use your mic in the server?: Only after 2 drinks :lol:

Tell us in your own words why you want to join our clan:

You all know me... I have a bunch of you ladies and gents on my friends list already.
Like I said, i've been playing off and on forever.
But since Covid, I seem to have been playing almost daily (or should I say nightly) after the kids go to sleep...
I'm not sure how much I will be playing once school opens up full time, but I will be on as much as possible over the next few months.

Some slow nights I even join the empty server to get the party started.
The game seems to pick up around midnight, eastern time.
The Freaks come out at night :evil:

But since I can only play at night, and admins are not always around, I do believe I should apply for admin position to keep things in order when necessary.

I would have applied earlier but I do not like having too much responsibility. I have enough stuff going on during the day to be stressed out at night.

I just want to drink my smoke, enjoy playing the game, put up some map votes, and possibly play some goofy sounds...
I will enforce some rules when necessary...

Other Comments:
You all know me, we've had some good times over the years.
Looking forward to many more.
Still some good old classic DOD nights to be had...

KEEP THE GAME ALIVE, nothing else like it...
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the canadian
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Re: Application PARANO1D

Post by the canadian »

About fucking time!!
been here for ever, good guy, follows the rules and often tells others about the rules too. Got my vote for ®
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Re: Application PARANO1D

Post by HQ_FiRE »

Have you ever been admin before on any other servers?


~~Have you tried setting it on fire?~~
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Re: Application PARANO1D

Post by PARANO1D »

Not on Dods but I did have admin on a few original cs servers back in the day, shouldn't be that much different.
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Re: Application PARANO1D

Post by The Jesus »

Dude been playing here for a long time... I will approve recruit status! :banana-tux:
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Re: Application PARANO1D

Post by PopTart »

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Re: Application PARANO1D

Post by Cpl_Caje »

Hell, if he's good enough for Jesus and Asshole, he's good enough for me.. sign him up!
the canadian
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Re: Application PARANO1D

Post by the canadian »

Sorry for the delay but we do have 3 Ubers so you are approved!!!


¦ вlϊтz ® (Add this to the end of your in-game pseudonym)

Please add the following Uber Admins to your friends list:

ZtluhcS (Schultz)
The Jesus
Frosty (Frostbite)
Captain Asshole
Johnny Tapia

Some of our Uber Admins are presently MIA, so if they don't respond to your friend request, don't worry about it. Just be sure to add the ones that you see in game at the very least.

Please send your Steam ID, email, and preferred login name to any of the active Ubers in the list so that you can be added to the books.

Also read and follow the instructions in this post... so you have access to the Blitz Members Only section of the forum.
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