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Attrition App

Post by Attrition »

Player name: Attrition

Age: 38

Sex: M

What time of the day do you normally play? (Be specific if possible, including timezones): PM (AK standard time)

Are you in any other clans?: Old comp team, Murder Grounds (MG)

How long have you been playing in our server?: Years now

Do you have a reserved slot or fall into an exception category?: Reserve slot, I think.

Do you use your mic in the server?: Y

Tell us in your own words why you want to join our clan: I'm pitbull's daddy and I'm taking off the belt.

Other Comments: n/a
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Re: Attrition App

Post by HQ_FiRE »

Who better to catch hackers then the one who gets accused the most? lol

In all seriousness, most professional one here probably. Smart, will make an excellent addition to the team!

Vote: YES


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Re: Attrition App


Attrition kills me a lot in game and ppl keep asking me if he is cheating in private messages lol, but I like what he said about Pitt bull. He thinks I can't handle naked pics but I can handle the right ones just fine :twisted: . I think he will make a good admin and I vote Yes.
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Re: Attrition App

Post by Pitt_Bull »

Give my Pop's a chance to make up for Lost Time, Better Late then Never I always say! Welcome back Pop's!
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Re: Attrition App

Post by PARANO1D »

Pitbull said it all....

I vote yes.

Welcome you ho fo sho :confusion-helpsos:
the canadian
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Re: Attrition App

Post by the canadian »

Attrition always cracks everyone up, and kicks some ass. Spent time showing various people about the game.
He also said free handjobs for everyone, so he is ok.
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Re: Attrition App

Post by Shakira »

Still has to try hard.
Shakira approves
need a warm up bot
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Re: Attrition App

Post by LIFEEEER »

I think attrition kills me alot but iam able to kill him so he has my vote. YES
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Re: Attrition App

Post by PopTart »

Yes from me
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