had a few ideas for maps u may enjoy :)

Suggest Maps to be added/removed, then comment and vote on them.
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A. Fur
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had a few ideas for maps u may enjoy :)

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http://dods.gamebanana.com/maps/41774 its an orange lime arena but its bigger alot bigger then the other one

http://dods.gamebanana.com/maps/41989 this is a map that was made for me from a friend based off of foxhunt its a dark orange map u may or may not like it

http://dods.gamebanana.com/maps/43863 this is a tower map its pretty fun i used to love it

http://dods.gamebanana.com/maps/85404 now ive never played this one it jus looked interesting lol

thanx for taking the time to read this and look at the maps and consider them
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