Steam Chat Client

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Steam Chat Client

Post by bmh »

I hear a lot of people say that they have problems with the chat function and playing the game at the same time without crashing. I don't have this problem myself but if you want to chat, I may have found your solution.

Vapor is a chat client for Steam. It requires no installation. All you have to do is click the Vapor.exe file and enter the code that Steam will send to your email address when you first run the program. Steam doesn't need to be running to use it either. In fact, I recommend that you not run this with Steam until you have chat disabled in the Steam client (disconnect from the cloud).

One thing that I noticed is if you minimize the program and restore it again the window is blank. Wait a few seconds and it will reappear.

Get it here:

This link will be valid for two weeks. If you still need to download it after that send me a message and I'll reactivate the link.
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Re: Steam Chat Client

Post by Sarge »

i've always had that problem (where steam crashes as soon as i try to use chat in-game). but this program doesn't really help any. i cant be logged into steam and vapor at the same time...which the whole reason why i would use vapor is so i can play the game on steam while having chat running :/

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Re: Steam Chat Client

Post by BkW // ZtluhcS =HH= »

Ventrillo I think we have a channel it comes with the server rental
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Re: Steam Chat Client

Post by Liveandletdie »

I love Ventrillo and have mentioned it in the past. The only CON is that I was told that it takes away from the game in so much that members might enter different rooms and have PRIVATE conversations, fuck that. The PROS are, Clan members can quickly and easily discuss in game problems/topics with each other, especially if you are not an expert typist such that you can instantly type at 100 w.p.m. and/or use Admin chat. You can still use in game talk at the same time if you wish. Vent enables Clan members the ability to talk without listening to "Mic Spam" or listening to comments about things from none clan members or having to read "Chat messages" which isn't easy for old farts when playing. Clan members can shoot the shit while in spectate or while playing other games and members can choose whether or not to join Vent. Some members use facebook but we ALL could use Vent. My 2 cents. Cheers Live
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Re: Steam Chat Client

Post by Kriegs<>Schwein »

[quote="Liveandletdie"]I love Ventrillo and have mentioned it in the past.

It sounds like a good idea.Would come in handy to a fast responce to hackers. Could ask fellow member to help with observation and both watch + make a call on what the guy is doing , if anything. I thing the Whores should try it for a while and if it gets abuseded get rid of it.
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