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Basic Server Rules

This is the Blitz server. It's paid for by our donations and we make the rules. You will follow the rules or be destroyed.

[*]No racism or discriminatory words, phrases or symbols. No excuses for the context it's being used in as a defense. If you can’t find another suitable word then pick up a thesaurus and learn one. If an admin says it's offensive, then it is, so stop using it.

[*] Listen to admins. If you are doing something wrong an admin will correct you. Listen and obey or you will find yourself searching for another server.

[*]Don't argue with admins You will be warned only once (if lucky) then kicked/banned (depending how the admin feels about you at the time).

[*] No Politics or Religion - You could be kicked/banned if you start or continue any text or talk on the subject of Politics or religion... Period.

[*] No Spawn Camping!!! Get the fuck out of spawn, the battle is out there, not in here! If you shoot someone on your way out of spawn, or running towards it due to a flag/capture nearby then you're cool, but if you are unfairly killing others from inside/outside spawn, you will be kicked/banned. The following are considered acts of Spawn Camping:
[list][*]Setting up directly outside the enemy spawn or inside your own spawn area.
[*]Deliberate repetitive shots into or out of spawn
[*]Throwing nades into spawn or hiding in your spawn area throwing them out
[*]Using spawn as a shield (running out shooting then running back in)
[*]Spawn reloading (Re-spawning after throwing your nades and/or firing your weapon)
[*]The only exception to this rule is when a flag/capture is located directly inside the spawn area, spawn reloading is never allowed[/list]

[*]No Spamming! This includes the microphone, text chat, tactical commands, excessive use of HLDJ/HLSW, and server commands. It's just annoying, and if you want to ruin the environment with your BS, you will quickly be eliminated from it.

[*] Don't be Annoying/No Whining If you truly believe someone is hacking, cheating etc. Then record a demo, and submit it to our Sourcebans site. If you continue to whine/be annoying after being warned to stop then you may be kicked/banned. If you just want to be an annoying jackass loser then take a hike!

[*] Play nice, I'm sure we all know where the line is. But on the flip side, we all love to mess with another, so don't get all pussy hurt when you are being picked on.

[*] No porn sprays. This includes lower body nudity. No penis, vagina, or sexual acts (of any kind). Soft-core (Cleavage and nipple showing) is fine. Anything under 18 years old will earn you a permanent ban; 18+ ONLY!!!

[*] No advertising of any kind This includes other clans or websites.

[*] Don't go spec for a long time if the server is full. If you have to drop a deuce or get a smoke/drink. Fine, do so and come back. You will be kicked if away for a long time depending on how full the server is.

[*] Don't move furniture & other objects to create a blockage. It's considered an exploit on this server, and you will be kicked/banned if caught doing it.

[*] No altering config files. If found altering the config files then you may be banned. Do not do it. Use the settings that steam and Blitz server uses. Do not exploit bugs in the game.[/list]